What is Fawry payment?

Fawry is an innovating cash payment method under Marka for less, offering financial services to consumers and businesses through more than 75 thousand locations and a variety of channels.

How Can I pay through Fawry?

-Once you place your order successfully you will receive an SMS & Email with Fawry order number confirming that the payment is pending.

-Please ask Fawry agent that you want to pay for MARKA @Fawry service. It will be listed under the main menu or using service code 

What is the benefit of paying through Fawry?

Now you can order all Marka for less products that needs pre-payment option products along with our pick up stations that may requires pre-payment option, and also dedicating your orders to your valued friends & Family and pay yourself through Fawry cash points.

Do I receive a confirmation after payment?

Yes, you will receive an SMS & Email confirming that your payment is completed.

Where can I pay my Fawry transaction?

With Fawry you can pay through a very convenient variety of channels, and more than 65,000 locations in 300 cities nationwide. Please visit us to check where is the nearest store.

Can I use Fawry payment method even if I don’t have account on Fawry.com?

Yes, once you select Fawry payment from Marka For Less website you will be redirected to Fawry and the account will be created with the details entered.

What if I didn’t pay within the validity time?

Your code is valid for 48 hours, if the payment not done your order will be cancelled automatically.

If my order is cancelled due to voucher expiration, Can I place a new order?

Yes, sure you can place a new order and you will receive a new code.