Delivery Information

Please note that the official working days in Marka for Less are from Sunday to Thursday. Fridays, Saturdays, public holidays and public holidays are holidays for all Marka for Less employees and shipping companies

Our first task is to provide you with the best online shopping experience, and therefore we have facilitated the shipping and delivery process for you because your comfort is our priority

Marka for Less delivers your orders through the company's fleet, and other delivery companies or individuals may be used at peak times to confirm your service and deliver your orders in a timely manner to you.

Delivery methodology at Marka for Less, according to your geographical area

In case of urgent requests, please contact customer service and we will do our best to assist you

Your signature on the invoice copy will be required to confirm that you have received the products as shown on the invoice. The request will be delivered to the address registered in the order, and the signature of anyone present at this address is considered as your receipt of the order

In the event that we reach the registered address and no one is present at this address, please contact the customer service to specify another time for delivery, and the company will not be responsible for any request for the 7-day pass from the first date of delivery of the order. Note that in the event that you are not present at the agreed time for delivery twice, additional fees will be charged for the delivery after that.

Free shipping

Marka for Less provides free delivery service for orders over 200 dirhams or $ 100

To know the shipping cost for other countries, please contact us via the following email

  Delivery schedule

We provide daily delivery service except on Fridays and public holidays

Important information about delivery

 The applicant is required to sign the document of receipt of the purchase

 Marka for Less is not responsible for the product after signing the receipt document

The approximate delivery time guide is used from the moment the order is dispatched. Marka for Less is not responsible for any delays that occur due to the procedures for paying fees by the applicant or circumstances beyond our control or government procedures such as the customs department of your country

Adding fees to the shipping cost of the order in case the delivery place is located within a remote area