FADI ABU HASIRA | Co-founder and CEO of Marka For less LLC and its regional offices in the United Arab Emirates and the State of Turkey

20 years of experience in the field of retail and electronic commerce, and he held several administrative positions in major international companies, and the goal of transferring these experiences was to give

Marka For Less clients the best products ever with the best competitive prices in the global market


ABDULKADIR KHLLUF  l  Regional Office Sales Manager For Turkey . 

10 Years Experience in sales and contracting management , His goal giving our customers the best quality and price for products by contracting with the best factories in the world 


DALIA AL ASSAD l Regional Sales Manager For The Gulf Area 

9 Years Experience in retail management. Her goal is to provide the best quality and price offer to our customers in the gulf region    


AYSE BAKAN l  Customer Service And Complaint Manager
12 Years Experience in customer services in global company's . Her goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customer's with all our services and find satisfactory solutions to any complaint they face